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how to change page names


You can change most of the design quite easily, without losing the content.
There is one important exception to this.
If you change the name of a page you WILL lose the content. This is because the old page will be deleted and the new page, with the default content, added.

Follow the steps outlined in the other column to change the name of a page without losing the content

Changing the name of the page without losing the content is a 3-step process.

Step 1
Go to Designer, and add another page with the name you want.

Step 2
You have to copy the content from the old page and paste it into new page. There are three ways of doing this.

1. In CMS load the page you want to change, and - for the active column - select all the content for that column and copy it. Then load the new page and paste into the appropriate column. Do this for the other column and the column headers.
2. Copy the content from the old page as above, but paste into a text editor - Notepad is good enough for this. Then copy and paste from Notepad into the new page. This approach has the advantage that you can copy both columns in just one visit to the page, rather than having to go back and forth.
3. The two methods above allow you to copy all the content and its markup. The following method copies text without markup; it will not work with images or boxes, but may be suitable in some circumstances.
In CMS load the NEW page. Display this page and then click on the OLD page in the top navigation bar; this will load into the browser the OLD page in place of the NEW page (but without affecting the page that is loaded in the CMS.) Using the mouse, select and copy all the text from one of the columns in the old page, click on the CMS tab and paste the copied content into the appropriate column. Go back to the OLD page and repeat the process for the other column. It may sound complicated, but in fact is very simple.

Step 3
Go back to Designer and remove the old page from the system.

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