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10dummyThis is question 1. What is the answer?Q1 - correct answerThis is question 2. What is the answer?Q2 - correct answerThis is question 3. What is the answer?Q3 - correct answerThis is question 4. What is the answer?Q4 - correct answerThis is question 5. What is the answer?Q5 - correct answerThis is question 6. What is the answer?Q6 - correct answer
21Hieronymus BoschartistsWhen was Bosch born?about 1450Where did he live?Den BoschIn which year did he die?1516In which city is The Garden of Earthly Delights on display?Madrid
31Albrecht DurerartistsIn which present-day country was Durer born?GermanyIn which year was Durer born?1471In which year did he die?1528Which type of work established his reputation?woodcuts
41J.M.W. TurnerBritish artistsWhat was his nationality?BritishIn which year was he born?1775How old was he when his first watercolour painting was accepted for the Royal Academy exhibition of 1790?15He is famed for which type of painting:landscapesHow old was he when the Royal Academy first exhibited his oil paintings?21
51Mary CassattAmerican artistsWhat was her nationality?AmericanWhen was she born?1844Where did she live for most of her life?FranceWho invited her to join the Impressionists?Edgar DegasWhy did she stop painting?She became almost blind
61Claude MonetFrench artistsIn which year was he born?1840What was his nationality?FrenchHe founded a style of painting known as:ImpressionismMonet's most expensive painting at auction was a painting of:water lilies
71Vincent van GoghDutch artistsWhat nationality was he?DutchIn which century did he live?19thWhat was he famous for?paintingsWhere did he die?France
81John Singer SargentAmerican artistsWhat was his nationality?AmericanWhen was he born?1856When did he die?1925Which type of art was he famous for?portaits