An example of sending emails with personalised links - proxy votes

This example allows an email to be created with a clickable link that is customised to the addressee.

It was developed to address the needs of a society that wanted to encourage absent members to vote at the forthcoming AGM, by giving them the opportunity to nominate someone to vote on their behalf.

The key features were: Admin:
The emailing script generates: When the addressee clicks on the link:

Process flow

The process flows for admin and the members are shown in the following figure*. Hover or click the boxes for more information.

The process flow is displayed using the canvas element in HTML 5. If you can read this message, your browser does not support the canvas element. All of the latest browsers support this feature and we recommend that you update your browser. If you are using Windows XP you will need to change to Firefox or Google Chrome (use the Goggle search engine to find the download page.)

* created with the HTML canvas element.