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OurSoc Notice of AGM and EGM - 31 December 2014
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The Annual General Meeting will be held on December 31st 2014 as follows:
first call: 12:00 (noon)
second call: 12:30
venue: This & That Hotel

The AGM will be followed by an Extraordinary General Meeting as follows:
first call: 13:00
second call: 13:15
venue: This & That Hotel

A buffet lunch will be served after the EGM. All are welcome.

The agenda for both meetings can be found on the website: click here

I draw your attention to a proposed amendment to the Constitution. This is an important change and we want as many members as possible to vote.
Since some of you will not be able to attend the meeting, we are offering you the chance to nominate someone to vote on your behalf.

The proposed amendment is as follow:

"Committee members shall be eligible to claim expenses incurred in their capacity as committee members up to a maximum of 500 euros in a season. Furthermore, receipts for these expenses will not be required."

To nominate someone, click on the link below; this will take you to a special page on the website where you can make your nomination.


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