Membership suite

This is a collection of scripts aimed at organisations having members whose details are stored in a database and to whom periodic emailings are made.

Example 1 shows the membership list. The details are kept in a database. The list can be mantained, details changed etc and new members added.
The initial loading of the database is not shown, but could easily be realised using an uploaded list (eg in CSV format).

Example 2 shows how to send an email to each member with an attachment (a Newsletter in this example). Note that the email is sent to each member individually - but only to those who have not opted out of receiving such emails. The opt-out is recorded in the database.

Example 3 is a set of scripts for sending an email to every member, each one being personalised for that member.

Example 4 takes example 3 a stage further and includes a customised, clickable, link that will take the recipient to a personalised web page. The whole process is aimed at allowing members to nominate someone to vote on their behalf at a forthcoming meeting. The nomination is stored in the database and the full list extracted by admin. A cut-off date/time for nominations can be specified by admin.

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