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lecture evaluation

The lecture
Was in clear relation to the title
Was informative with intellectual and educational content
Was illustrated with relevant good quality images
Was well-structured.
The lecturer
Was able to hold the attention of the audience.
Was articulate with a clear and audible speaking voice and spoke at appropriate pace.
Presented the lecture without reading it verbatim from notes
Managed his/her time well during the lecture
Showed confidence using a digital projector / microphone / laser pointer
The venue
Was easy to find.
Reception service.
The lecture room visibility, temperature etc

Our goals
"The study of the history, social history, techniques and materials, design and manufacture and collections of: architecture, painting, prints, sculpture, textiles, furniture, furnishings, costume, glass and ceramics, enamel, metalwork, garden design and installation art; as well as the lives and influences of the artists, architects, craftsmen and patrons involved. Music, theatre and literature can play an important part in illustrating art."
The goals were met....
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