Date today: 20th February 2019
Example 9e: Update details
Step 1: Fill in ALL of the 'Present details' boxes.
Step 2: Put only the changed information in the 'New details' boxes.
Step 3: Click on the 'update' button.
A confirmation email will be sent to the old address and to the new address.
Present details

Present first name:

Present last name:

Present username:

Present password:


Present email address:

New details

New first name:

New last name:

New username:

New password:

Repeat new password:

New email address:

Repeat new email address:


About this log-in demo

This is a demonstration of a fairly simple sign-up/log-in system. The user data is stored in a database. Note that for enhanced security the password is not stored in the database; a forgotten password cannot be recovered from the database - a new one has to be created.

The system comprises a suite of 5 forms, listed below. There is also another page - not shown here - for creating the database.
This is an interactive demonstration, so have a go! You can sign up and login to see the messages that are generated.

A successful log-in will take you to the 'private area'. There are only two pages in this area - to show session-handling and time-out. The duration of the session is not timed in this example, although it could be on request. The session automatically closes if there has been no activity for a set period; in the example here this is set to 20 seconds so that you can test the process.

Please note:
• the email functions have been disabled;
• the password is shown in plain text. In the real version, the password would be shown in the usual    way - a series of black discs.
• titles, font, colours, etc can, of course, be changed. See form 1b for an example of different styling.
  1. Sign-up: minimum information required is: user name, password, and email address. Other information that could be required include: first and last names (as shown here). On sign-up, a confirmation email is sent to the address given. See Possible refinements for an alternative to this arrangement.
  2. Log-in: minimum information required is: user name and password.
  3. Forgotten password: minimum information required is user name. An activation is generated and sent to the email address in the database.
  4. Activation: (after forgotten password); minimum information needed: username, activation code and new password.
  5. Updates: Allows people to change login-on details and email address. Minimum information needed (in this example): present username, present password.

For this demo: click on the links below to visit the individual pages

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