Features of this form are:
  1. Client-side validation is used to speed-up the process.
  2. Closable and draggable menu panel, to accommodate different screen sizes.
  3. On error, an error log is emailed to the webmaster (uses AJAX).
  4. On successful submission, a notice is displayed, informing you that your booking is being processed; the submit button is hidden to prevent multiple clicks.
  5. When the processing has completed, an email has been sent to the person who made the booking and to admin; a 'thankyou' message is displayed.
  6. Auto lock-out after a (specified) date. Click here to see a simulation. Click here to clear.

  7. The form is supported by an admin control panel which allows the setting of:

The 'KamPages' logo and the menu links on this page use the Amaranth Regular font from Font Squirrel.