Date today: 19th May 2022
example 4: date & time-sensitive demos
This is an example of a date-sensitive selection. It has been used for booking places at an event. It is meant to be used in conjunction with other form elements such as those in the contact form shown elsewhere on this website.

Time-sensitive message.

This box is visible if the page is loaded whilst the minutes (on the server) are odd. Wait a minute and then try reloading the page!
To prevent people making bookings for events that have passed, the old dates are removed automatically. In this demo they are 'recycled' - ie moved to next year.
The present list contains the 1st of every month but only those in the future are displayed. The 1st of the month has been chosen arbitrarily. Any date is possible, as is having diferent days for different months.

It is possible to limit the number of dates shown at any one time, but this has not been shown here. This facility would normally be hidden, with the limit being changed manually or automatically (for example, giving a 2-month window).

It is also possible to control the start date, although this is not demonstrated here.

Actions are possible after selecting a date. For example most dates show the venue & the September date has a pop-up - try them!

date of event: