Date today: 19th May 2022
Example 1c: Simple contact form (pdf)
For this demo: information is provided for each of the topics. Hover the mouse over the [info] to see the notes about that topic.
The titles, font, colours, etc can, of course, be changed.
In this version of the simple contact form, the completed form is converted to pdf format. It can then be ...
- displayed on the screen,
- saved on the user's computer and/or the server,
- sent as an email to the person completing the form (using the email address provided) and/or to a nominated email address within the company.

In this demo, the pdf form is displayed on the screen.

name:* [info]
email:* [info]
repeat email:*
telephone number:* [info]
subject [info]
add your message here (200 characters max): [info]
Click the 'submit' button to see the error handling.
On successful completion of the form, you will see the completed table as a pdf document. You will be able to use all the usual pdf operations - save, send by email, print, etc. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.
* required

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