Date today: 19th May 2022
Example 1b: Simple contact form (email)
For this demo: information is provided for each of the topics. Hover the mouse over [info] to see the notes about that topic.
The titles, font, colours, dimensions etc can, of course, be changed.
By default, a copy of the data is sent to the person completing the form (using the email address provided) and to a nominated email address within the company.

This form has two levels of validation. Firstly, Javascript provides elementary 'onchange' checking, with changes to the background colours. Secondly, the form entries are checked by a server-side script when the submit button is clicked; the email will not be sent until the second-level check is satisfactory.

Please note the 'KP' icon in the first box. This merely demonstrates that an icon (of your choosing!) can be placed inside the text box. A different image could be used for each box.

first name *
last name *
email *
repeat email *
telephone *
subject *
(200 characters max)
Click the 'submit' button to see the error handling.
On successful completion of the form, you will see the 'thank you' page and the data that would be sent in the email.
* required

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