Date today: 19th May 2022
Example 1a: Simple contact form (email and database)
For this demo: information is provided for each of the topics. Hover the mouse over the underlined words to see the notes about that topic.
The titles, font, colours, etc can, of course, be changed.
email: By default, a copy of the data is sent to the person completing the form (using the email address provided) and to a nominated email address within the company. Please note: this facility has been disabled in this demo.
database: The information from the form is entered into a simple database.

Name: has to be at least 2 characters long- no other checking is done

Has to be in the format 'x@y.z', where x and y are one or more characters, and z is at least two letters.
Pasting is disabled for both email boxes, so the repeat email has to be typed in.

In this example the number has to contain at least 9 numbers; spaces are not counted; non-numbers not allowed.

This is optional. It could contain anything, but an item from the list HAS to be selected

The embedded 'KamPages' logo font is Cantarell Bold, from Font Squirrel.