KamPages Designer & CMS



This column contains examples of different designs created with the designer suite. Larger versions of these screen shots are displayed using the Slimbox program. Note that your website will also support Slimbox for displaying your photos and other images.
Just click on an image to see the sequence.


Sorry, the demo has been temporarily disabled
Read the Designer and CMS pages and then click HERE to have a go yourself!

You have full control over 'your' website - both design and content. Please note that the session ends, and all files are deleted, after 30 minutes.



  • 1 or 2 columns
  • up to 6 pages
  • selectable column width
  • optional logo image
  • wide range of colours
  • feature-rich text editor
  • side boxes
  • image uploader
  • images: inline/block
  • images: slide show - supports "LightBox"
  • supports external links and 'mailto'
  • allows HTML markup and Javascript (including jQuery) code to be added directly
  • compatible with Google AdSense (to be confirmed)
  • flexibility - change design without losing content
  • password-protected log in
  • ease of use - test new layout/content without affecting published pages
  • Javascript is not used in the final pages (unless you add the code yourself)
  • Pages do not depend on a database

This website describes the KamPages webpage Designer and Content Managment System.

This suite of programs comprises:

  • Designer
  • Content Management System (CMS)

Each is described separately in other pages on this site.

All the pages on this demo website have been created using the Designer and CMS programs.

The Designer and CMS programs are protected by a login system that requires a username and a password. Each program can have a different set of login credentials- this is your choice.

design: KamPages.eu