Database examples

This section demonstrates interaction with databases.

Example 1 shows the use of databases. It uses the real estate theme from example 3 in the Forms section, but allows the user to add entries to the database, search for properties, and produce a hard-copy print of selected results. This example is also in the Forms section (example 7).

Example 2 demonstrates two principles:
a) the database was populated by automatically taking the data from an uploaded tab-delimited-format file;
b) the content of the database is displayed on the page, with the display being updated at (selectable) intervals. By using AJAX, only the database section of the page changes.
The content is selectable from a drop-down menu; at present artists and classical composers are on offer.

Example 3 uses the database in example 2 but displays the contents as a timeline. In addition, details of a particular person can be displayed as a popup; AJAX is used for this.

Example 4 demonstrates the use of JQUERY datepicker calendars to provide part of a property rental booking system. Availability data is stored in a database.

Example 5 uses the input from Forms example 10 and displays the results in a table, with the option of creating a summary report in PDF formast.

Example 6 is identical to Forms example 11 and is included here for the sake of completeness. It uses a database to store membership details. It is intended to be used with other scripts, for example, the sending of emails and the monthly newsletter to members; this option has not been implemented in this example.

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